Reality is our new social canvas. Start anywhere and prototype everything.

Frameworks, scaffolds, open platforms, and shared principles will be our new policies.

Information complexity saturates everyday life and access to realtime data is producing a desire for schizophrenia… we need new styles of working. In developing economies human experiences are increasingly the product of intentional actions. We need a meta-framework, guided by principles of thoughtful action, that align our options with aligned purpose.

Fig 1: The Reality Co-Creation Framework.

Fig 1: The Reality Co-Creation Framework.

The Reality Co-Creation framework shown above outlines four domains of experience (the way we structure goals and time to influence the environments where these experiences happen (the places we live, socialize, and exchange value). Human experiences are at the center of these domains and environment of living and exchange. These experiences are qualified by socio-economic modes of interaction.  As we expand the scope of control around human experience we need to define the domains where experiences happen to create our shared reality.

Principles for Optional Realities

  1. Between life and death are experiences.

  2. Orchestrated experiences are a lever for massive change.

  3. Anticipation, behavior, expectation, and memory are new design mediums.

  4. Conceptualizing potential futures is really fun.

  5. Media needs a design revolution for new coherences.

  6. Game design will save us from ourselves.

  7. Society needs bigger and stranger narratives.

  8. Beauty will emerge from chaos by design.